JAIF Project for Sustainable Human Resource Development in Logistic Services for ASEAN Member States

25 February 2014

    A Project entitled “Sustainable Human Resource Development in Logistic Services for ASEAN Member State” has been approved under Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) and it is expected to be started in the early first half of this year.

    The project is designed to develop a common core curriculum on logistics in ASEAN; and a total of 50 people from all Member States will participate in it. The curriculum will have 3 levels (basic, intermediate, and advanced) of training, and each will have one week of training program which will provide basic understandings of logistics and supply chain in the regional context. The project also means to provide the Member States with a hand-on learning approach to apply the core curriculum as a regional standard, and allow them to have the courses that would be implemented in their respective countries. The Member States, often in cooperation with their national logistics providers’ association, are expected to build up their program based on the common curriculum and materials, and the participants in the training from each Member State are expected to take back the necessary knowledge to become trainers to train others in their countries afterward. Furthermore, the project is also expected to serve as a foundation for further endeavor to prepare for the establishment of Sub-regional Centre of Excellence on logistics.

    Given its vital role in realizing efficient and free flow of goods and services, logistics is recognized as one of important and strategic sectors for ASEAN Connectivity and for ASEAN Integration, while different ASEAN Member States are at a different stage of development in logistics. In this regard, Japan will continue to strengthen cooperation with ASEAN in the logistics sector.