Introduction of Japanese Culture by Wife of Japan’s Ambassador to ASEAN

December 11, 2013

    On 6 December, Mrs. Kaoru Ishikane, wife of Japan’s Ambassador to ASEAN, Mr. Kimihiro Ishikane, gave a demonstration to introduce Japanese culture at the official residence of Ambassador of Japan to ASEAN. Wives of Ambassadors of ASEAN Member States, wives of Ambassadors of ASEAN Dialogue Partners and wives of Deputy Secretary Generals of ASEAN Secretariat, etc. were invited as guests.

    At the demonstration, Mrs. Ishikane explained the utensils and the manners of Japanese tea ceremony, demonstrated the procedure for making tea and served tea to the guests. Afterward, Mr. Kentaro Matsuura, who is the chef for Ambassador Ishikane, introduced recipes by using whole Japanese radish (“daikon”) and demonstrated how to cook Sushi Roll. Then participants enjoyed cooking Japanese food, which is one of the Japanese traditional cultures, through having a firsthand experience with cooking Sushi Roll.

    On 4 December, it was decided that Japanese food be inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The event like this introduction of Japanese culture is expected to deepen understanding of various Japanese cultures in ASEAN Member States.