Training for Myanmar Media Personnel in Jakarta and Japan

15 November, 2013


20 media personnel from Myanmar are receiving a media training in Jakarta from 15-16 November. This training comes under “The support programme for the preparations of Myanmar’s 2014 Chairmanship of ASEAN” funded by Japan ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF). During the training, Mr.Khun Pi Chai, Editor-in-Chief of Bangkok Post, will provide various lectures on such issues as the credentials required for ASEAN Chairmanship, key issues to organize Ministerial and Summit meetings, management of media centre, dealing with domestic and international media and press conference. After the training in Jakarta, the participants will move to Japan for more practical training including hands-on and technical training from November 18 to 23.


This is the first time for Myanmar to become the Chair of ASEAN since its accession to ASEAN in 1997. Assuming ASEAN Chairmanship next year has a significant meaning to Myanmar in that it will contribute to raising public awareness to ASEAN within country and also demonstrating internationally its efforts as a democratic country. At the same time, Myanmar Chairmanship in 2014 has a critical implication for ASEAN who is aspiring ASEAN Community in 2015. Through JAIF, Japan has assisted Myanmar for its efforts to fulfill its duty as a Chair of ASEAN with special focus on the capacity building of government officials. It is hoped that this training will enhance knowledge and capacity of Myanmar media personnel and will contribute to the success of Myanmar Chairmanship in 2014.