ASEAN-Japan Joint Information Security Awareness Raising Initiatives

November 12, 2013

    Since 2009, ASEAN Member States and Japan have been collaborating in Cybersecurity area in such a way as holding “ASEAN-Japan Information Security Policy Meeting” every year and “ASEAN Japan Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity Cooperation” on 12th and 13th September 2013. ASEAN-Japan mutual awareness raising activities named ”ASEAN-Japan Joint Information Security Awareness Raising Initiatives” has been implemented from October to November of each year since 2012, based on the agreement in the 4th ASEAN Japan Information Security Policy Meeting . Production of joint awareness- raising poster and translation of education materials into mother languages of ASEAN Member States and sharing materials among ASEAN and Japan have been implemented this year. On 25th October, the ASEAN-Japan International Symposium on Cybersecurity was held in Tokyo. These activities has implemented since 2012.

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