40th Year Anniversary of ASEAN - Japan Friendship and Cooperation ASEAN Sumo Seminar

September 2, 2013

    On 23rd August 2013, The Sumo Seminar was held at ASEAN Secretariat as one of the commemorative events for the 40th year anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation. Two Sumo Stable Masters, Mr. Oyama and Mr. Edagawa, and two young Sumo Wrestlers, Kaounishiki and Oki-no-fuji participated in the seminar from the Sumo Association whose members visited to Jakarta due to the Sumo Tournament in Jakarta.

    The seminar started with the opening remarks by Dr. AKP Mochtan, Deputy Secretary-General (DSG) of ASEAN and Mr. Kimihiro Ishikane, Ambassador of Japan to ASEAN, followed by a Sumo briefing by a staff of Japan’s Mission and a short introduction of Japanese food by Mr. Sakuraba, Deputy Director-General of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. Afterwards, Mr. Oyama explained the history and basic movements of Sumo, then there was a Sumo demonstration by Mr. Edagawa, Kaounishiki and Oki-no-fuji. There were around 220 participants from ASEAN Member States, ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN dialogue partners, alumni of JENESYS and KIZUNA projects, media, etc. All the participants joined performing of Sumo’s basic movements along with Sumo wrestlers and were very excited about Sumo, which is Japan’s traditional sport.

    After the seminar, participants enjoyed Japanese culture by taking a photo with Sumo Wrestlers and tasting Japanese food such as Chanko-Nabe, Yakitori and Wagashi.