40th Year Anniversary of ASEAN - Japan Friendship and Cooperation Bunraku Performance in Jakarta

July 10, 2013

    From 2nd to 3rd 2013, Bunraku performance by Bunraku Kyoukai was held at Jakarta Arts Theater (Gedung Kesenian Jakarta). In celebrating the 40th year anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, this performance aimed at promoting cultural relationship between Japan and ASEAN through the puppet play which is familiar among ASEAN Member States.

    In the performance, two puppet shows were performed. The one was “Ninin Sambaso”, a ceremonial dance praying for prosperity and good harvests, and the other was “The Miracle at Tsubosaka Temple” which depicts married love. Around 700 participants including people from ASEAN Member States, Indonesian universities and the media enjoyed the performance of traditional art of Japanese puppet show, Bunraku.

    Furthermore, a workshop of Bunraku for the students of Jakarta Arts Institute (Institut Kesenian Jakarta) was held in the afternoon on July 3rd. Participating students had deepened their understanding of traditional Japanese culture through learning the characteristic of Bunraku’s vocalisation and the way of handling the puppet.

    As this year marks the 40th year anniversary of Japan – ASEAN Friendship and Cooperation, various events between Japan and ASEAN member states are still being planned.

(Reference: 40th Year of Japan-ASEAN Friendship and Cooperation website)

【Bunraku Performance】