ASEAN Ambassador Ishikane's Lecture on 'Japan-ASEAN Relations' at Rotary Club Jakarta

22nd April, 2013

    On April 16, Ambassador of Japan to ASEAN, Kimihiro Ishikane, delivered a lecture entitled ‘Japan - ASEAN Relations’ at Rotary Club Jakarta. It was a part of this year’s commomerative activities of 40th year of Friendship and Cooperation between ASEAN and Japan. Approximately 20 members of the Rotary Club attended the lecture.

    Ambassador Ishikane explained that the friendship and cooperative relations between ASEAN and JAPAN have the longest history in the Asia region. The relationship of both sides has been developing constantly not only in the economic aspects but also in people-to-people connectivity aspects through various exchange programs. In addition, Ambassador Ishikane stated that Japan has carried out ‘33 Flagship Projects’ to support the strengthening of economic connectivity in the ASEAN region.

    Ambassador Ishikane also commented that the diversity of ASEAN was the source that should create creativity and energy among its people, not hatred. The Ambassador concluded the lecture by stating the Indonesia’s national policy of ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’ (Unity in Diversity), which roused an applause from the audiences.

    Mission of Japan to ASEAN intends to continue outreach activities to raise awareness of people in ASEAN about ASEAN-Japan relations.

(Referensi)「Ambassador Ishikane's Presentation」