Support to the Sufferers from the Typhoon in the Philippines by APTERR

1st February, 2013

    Japan supports the sufferers from the typhoon in the Philippines, by utilizing ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR).


Support to the sufferers from the typhoon in the Philippines
As the typhoons caused a great damage in the Philippines, the APTERR Secretariat requested Japan to provide urgent support to the sufferers by way of utilizing APTERR’s Tire 3 (*), the money reserving program.
Considering the need for immediate assistance, Japan has accepted the APTERR Secretariat’s request. The APTERR Secretariat will offer urgent food support to the Philippines, using Japan’s USD 200,000 contribution. The money will soon be sent to the Philippines.
This is the very first case of support to the sufferers by using APTERR since the APTERR Agreement entered into force.

(*) Tier 3 is a program to release stockpiled rice or budget reserves upon request or automatic triggering system, as the first emergency food aid after a disaster.


Japan’s role for APTERR
On 17 April 2012, Japan accepted the APTERR Agreement. The Agreement entered into force on 12 July 2012.
Japan has been working and supporting the realization of APTERR with ASEAN Member States and other Plus Three Countries. Japan will keep contributing to the strengthening of food security in East Asia.