JENESYS 2.0: Social Community, 19th Batch (“Civil Society Activities”) (Philippines)

29 September 2014

    From 24 September to 2 October, 25 students from the Philippines are visiting Japan as part of a programme on the theme of “Civil Society Activities” under JENESYS 2.0.

    Participants first visited Tokyo to observe the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Then they visited Hiroshima Prefecture where they had the opportunity to experience the attractions of the region on various aspects by observing the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum which had been visited by President Aquino in June, and exchanging views with local residents as well as staying with Japanese families.

    This exchange programme aims at students from Mindanao in the southern Philippines that has been torn by conflicts for many years. It provides these students with a chance to consider about peace in the future through visits to peace memorial cities such as Hiroshima. And through this programme, the students are expected to deepen their understanding of and interest in Japan brand and Japanese values including its strengths and attractions, and to actively disseminate their experiences in their country.