JENESYS 2.0: Youth badminton exchange (Brunei Darussalam)

19 September 2014

    From 16 to 23 September, 23 junior and senior high-school badminton player students with 2 attendants from Brunei Darussalam are visiting Japan. This programme aims to promote youth exchange between the two countries through badminton, on the event of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Brunei.

    Participants first visited the Ajinomoto National Training Centre, Yonex Niigata Production Head Office Factory, and Japan’s sports- and manufacturing-related facilities. They also deepened their understanding of Japanese history and traditional culture through visit to the Niigata Prefectural Museum of History and through the Oguni Washi (Japanese traditional paper) making activity. In addition, they visited a local school to interact with local students through badminton. Then they moved to Gunma Prefecture to experience homestay at local families.

    Through this exchange programme, it is expected that the youths from Brunei deepen their understanding of and interest in Japanese attractions and values, and to actively disseminate their experiences in their country as well as the promotion of mutual understanding between youths from Brunei and Japan.