Publication of the ODA White Paper 2013, Part I “Development Cooperation as Investment in the Future” (English Version)

9 May 2014

The English version of the ODA White Paper 2013 (The original version in Japanese was published on 21 February 2013) Part I entitled “Development Cooperation as Investment in the Future” is now available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It summarizes Japan’s latest view on development cooperation.

Part I Chapter 1 in the White Paper discusses about the role of ODA under the changing international environment and Chapter 2 discusses about the growth of Southeast Asia region and the role of Japan. Japan has been promoting infrastructure and human resources development in Southeast Asia through ODA, thus has made significant contributions to the growth and political stability in Southeast Asia. Infrastructure development through ODA has promoted private financial inflow and further increased the development results.

With the publication of the English version, it is expected that understanding of Japan’s ODA will be further deepened.