JENESYS 2.0: History and Cultural Exchange 5th Batch (Manga, Anime, Cosplayer) Students and Youth Exchange Programme (Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Viet Nam)

21 March 2014

    From 22 March to 30 March, about 100 university students from Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Viet Nam will visit Japan as a part of programme on the theme of “Manga, Anime, Cosplayer” under JENESYS 2.0.

    Participants will first visit Tokyo to observe an animation event and to exchange views at an animation and manga production school. Then they will be divided into four groups to visit Fukuoka, Nagano, Aichi and Kyoto Prefectures respectively. In order to learn about Japanese history and to have a first-hand experience with Japanese culture including its subculture, the participants will have an opportunity to feel the attractions of each region on various aspects through visiting a local government, a local company and popular sights, making home visit, as well as exchanging views with local residents and university students.

    This programme is expected to enable youths from Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Viet Nam to deepen their understanding of and interest in Japan brand and Japanese values including its strengths and attractions, and to disseminate their experiences to their respective countries.