JENESYS 2.0: Indonesia’s University Students’ Visit to Japan (Theme: Disaster Prevention)

13 March 2014

    From March 12 to 20 2014, as part of JENESYS2.0, 25 university students from Indonesia are visiting Japan on the theme of disaster prevention.

    The program is aimed at enabling the participants to have deeper understanding about Japan. The participants are taking part in the various programs while visiting Japan, and will make direct contact with "Cool Japan", a program that is highly acclaimed and attracting a large attention in many fields. On 13 March they visited the Tokyo metropolitan area, where they observed historical and cultural facilities, and disaster prevention facilities. They will visit Chiba Prefecture to pay a courtesy call to local government, make observation visit to local businesses, conduct exchanges with local college students, and make an observation visit to see the state of the recov ery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. They will return to Tokyo on 19 March, followed by observation visit to historical buildings as well as a visit to the company that are working on disaster prevention.

    It is expected that through observation of the state of recovery from the disaster and exchange activities as well as exchange of views with local people, these students from Indonesia will have deeper understanding and interest in Japan’s strength and values, and actively disseminate the attractiveness of Japan after they return to Indonesia.