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ASEAN-Japan Seminar on Aviation Security

    On 5th and 6th July 2011, ASEAN-Japan Seminar on Aviation Security was held in Jakarta. It was attended by approximately 80 participants of government officials from ASEAN Member States, officials from the ASEAN Secretariat and experts from Japan, China and the Republic of Korea.

    The seminar was conducted amid mounting need to tighten the aviation security after the occurrence of the attempted bombing of U.S airliner in December 2009 and others, as a series of “Japan-ASEAN Counter-Terrorism Dialogue” as well as a follow-up to the "Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Aviation Security" which was hosted by Japan by utilizing Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) in March 2010.

    The seminar was commenced by the opening remarks by H.E. Mr. Takaaki Kojima, Ambassador for International Counter-Terrorism Cooperation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Ms. Arfiyanti Samad, Secretary of Director-General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia. Then the participants made presentations on the movement of international terrorism including the ones which aim at airports and aircrafts, works undertaken by the aviation authorities of Japan, China and the Republic of Korea, efforts by the aviation authorities of ASEAN Member States for enhancing aviation security, and countermeasures toward the new threats such as tightening of the security to prevent carrying liquid explosives to the aircrafts. In the afternoon of the second day of the Seminar, the participants visited Soekarno-Hatta Airport and observed the aviation security inspection.

    There were lively discussions and questions-and-answers for each presentation at the Seminar by ASEAN Member States, and the participants exchanged their views and information about the measures to strengthen the aviation security in each country.

    As ASEAN aims to streamline the single ASEAN aviation market as one of the measures to strengthen ASEAN Connectivity, it is crucial to improve the ASEAN aviation security. Japan is determined to continuously contribute to the tightening of the aviation security in the ASEAN region through the implementation of training visit to Japan and provision of grant aid for the maintenance of airport security equipment.

During the SeminarOpening remarks by Ambassador Kojima
Participants of the SeminarSecurity Inspection at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport

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