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4th ERIA Governing Board Meeting adopts th Statement
“For the Establishment of Resilient Community in ASEAN and East Asia”

On 3 June, the 4th Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) Governing Board (GB) held in Jakarta adopted a statement entitled “For the Establishment of Resilient Community in ASEAN and East Asia.” The statement includes such proposals for the Government of Japan as the establishment of national structure resilient against disaster, strengthening of network with Asia and promotion of human exchange, and strengthening Japan as innovation centre in the world. It also makes 6 proposals for ASEAN and East Asia, including the strengthening and deepening of regional production networks, infrastructure development and urban planning more resilient to disaster, and regional cooperation for energy and food security and greener development. In closing, the statement expresses the GB’s wishes for quick restoration of Japanese economy and society as well as its confidence that Japan after reconstruction will be able to make greater contribution to East Asia and the World.

During the exchanges of the views between the GB and the ASEAN Ambassadors from various countries, which followed the GB Meeting, H.E. Mr. Takio Yamada, Japan’s Ambassador to ASEAN, thanked for the condolences expressed by the ERIA GB to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. He also stated that, for the reconstruction of the Japanese economy, the cooperation with East Asia including ASEAN is indispensable, and while these proposals will be considered as one of the references, Japan wishes to positively contribute to the regional cooperation in East Asia through such fora as EAS.

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