Pre-Event of “ASEAN-Japan Generation Z Business Leaders’ Summit”

On October 18 and 19, the ASEAN-Japan Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), JETRO, AMEICC, and PoliPoli, in collaboration with ERIA and the ASEAN Foundation, hosted the “ASEAN-Japan Generation Z Business Leaders’ Summit”* in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ambassador KIYA attended the pre-event and delivered opening remarks.
*The summit is scheduled to be held in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, on December 14 and 15.
The Summit will be held for the first time on the occasion of the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation. This event is expected to contribute to enhancing mutual understanding among leaders of Generation Z between ASEAN and Japan and strengthening the partnership between ASEAN and Japan in the new era.
Ambassador Kiya stated that the leadership of the youth generation is indispensable to solve the challenges facing the world today.