ASEAN Economic Ministers' Meeting and ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting

The ASEAN Economic Ministers' Related Meetings and the RCEP Ministerial Meeting were held in Semarang from August 17 to 22, and the ASEAN Energy Ministers on Energy Related Meetings were held in Bali from August 22 to 26. From Japan, Vice Minister of Economy Shinichi Nakatani attended the meetings (The results summary of the meetings attended by the Vice Minister: Economic Ministerial Meeting; Energy Ministerial Meeting.)
At the ASEAN-Japan Economic Ministers' Meeting on August 22, the final version of the "ASEAN-Japan Economic Co-Creation Vision" was announced and welcomed, and the "ASEAN-Japan Economic Co-Creation Vision" which includes measures that the government of ASEAN Member States and Japan will take with a view to realizing this vision, was also endorsed.
In addition, each JICA and JETRO signed a Memorandum of Cooperation/Understanding with the ASEAN Energy Center to promote stronger ties in the energy sector.