Chairman of the NPSC Tani attends AMMTC related meeting

On August 21, Ambassador Kiya welcomed H.E. TANI Koichi, Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission of Japan , who visited Indonesia to attend the Thirteenth ASEAN Plus Three ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Transnational Crime (13th AMMTC+3) and the Eighth ASEAN-Japan ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Transnational Crime(8th AMMTC+Japan), discussing international crime in ASEAN.
In Labuan Bajo, on the following day, H.E. Mr.Tani, as the representative of Japan, attended 13th AMMTC+3 and 8th AMMTC+Japan, which were held face-to-face for the first time in four years, and had discussions with participating countries on various countermeasures against transnational crime such as terrorism, international organised crime including drugs, online and telephone scams, and cybercrime.
At both meetings, work plans, such as the Work Plan on Cooperation to Combat Transnational Crime adopted last June by ASEAN and Japan, were discussed, and joint statements referring to the above-mentioned work plans were adopted.
H.E. Mr, Tani, on the same day, held a bilateral meeting with the Chief of the Indonesian National Police (Kapolri), Drs. Listyo Sigit Prabowo, exchanging opinions on the project which has been carried out by both countries’ police for more than 20 years and on the cyber case which was recently solved by joint investigation by both parties. H.E. Mr. Tani expressed his hope that the relationship between Japan and Indonesia, the chair country of ASEAN, will be further strengthened.