Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) Ambassadors' Meeting (Attendance by Ambassador KIYA)

On June 7, the ERIA Ambassadors' Meeting (meeting between ERIA, Ambassadors of ERIA Member States and Dialogue Partners) , followed by  a reception to commemorate the 15th anniversary of ERIA, was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Ambassador KIYA attended both events.
At the meeting, ERIA announced the election of Professor WATANABE, Special Advisor to the President of ERIA, as the next President at the ERIA Governing Board Meeting which was held on the same day, as well as the progress of the establishment of ERIA’s Centre for Digital Innovation and Sustainable Economy, which will support the transition to a digitally driven sustainable economy in the Asian region followed by the discussion on the future direction of ERIA's activities.
Ambassador KIYA delivered closing remarks, expressing his respect for ERIA's successful journey and significant contributions to ASEAN and East Asia and stating that the Government of Japan strongly supports the new centre for the further development of ERIA.