Special Speech at the Jakarta Japanese School by Ambassador KIYA

 On Friday, 14th April, H.E. Mr. KIYA Masahiko, Ambassador of the Mission of Japan to ASEAN, visited the Jakarta Japanese School (JJS) and made a special speech, Japan and ASNAN/Indonesia –to the future of the next 50 years and 65 years-, for about 150 junior high school students at JJS. 

 In his speech, Ambassador KIYA explained relationship between Japan and ASEAN/Indonesia, and told students that it is fortunate to study about ASEAN/Indonesia in Jakarta this year when three jubilees coincide, namely 50th Year of ASNAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, 65th Year of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relationship between Indonesia and Japan, and the Indonesia’s chairmanship of ASEAN. He also welcomes various inputs by students as those who create the future. 

 In closing of his speech, Ambassador KIYA asked for students (1) to suggest proposals for the Prime Minister on how Japan should work with ASEAN and Indonesia and (2) to think about what they can do to realize that proposals.