Appointment of Ms Melody Nurramdhani Laksani of JKT48 as the Japan-ASEAN Goodwill Ambassador on Food and Agriculture

The year 2018 is a commemorative year that marks the 45th anniversary of friendship and cooperation between Japan and ASEAN. Taking this opportunity, the Government of Japan appointed Ms Melody Nurramdhani Laksani, a member of JKT48, as the Japan-ASEAN Goodwill Ambassador on Food and Agriculture on 26 February 2018, to further promote friendship between Japan and ASEAN. The appointing ceremony was held on 28 February 2018.
For Japan and ASEAN countries, food and agriculture is an important industry that has developed today’s food culture. Not only is food and agriculture an essential industry, it also reflects our own unique culture. Japan has engaged in a lot of cooperation in this field and many projects have been implemented today in ASEAN countries with the support by Japanese experts.
【Reference:Japan-ASEAN Cooperation Projects on Food and Agriculture】
Focusing on the area of food and agriculture, the Government of Japan would like to further promote the friendship between Japan and ASEAN by actively conveying information on Japan’s cooperation projects for ASEAN in this field.
Ms Melody, as a member of JKT48, has contributed to enhance friendship between Japan and Indonesia. With her experience majoring in agriculture of Indonesia’s Padjajaran University, she hopes to improve Indonesia’s agriculture with Japanese technology. The Government of Japan hopes that Ms Melody could convey her passion not only to Indonesia but also to all over the ASEAN region.
With this appointment, we hope that Ms Melody would share with ASEAN people what she will learn and feel in her experience including her participation in various food and agriculture projects and that she would convey messages to ASEAN people about the importance of food and agriculture as well as the bond between Japan and ASEAN. The Government of Japan expects that the relations between Japan and ASEAN will be further strengthened through her activities.