SAKURA Exchange Program in Science

The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) operates the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science (nicknamed the SAKURA Exchange Program in Science, or SAKURA Science Plan). This program invites outstanding young students and young professionals from Asian countries on short-term visits to Japan. Through activities to experience the advanced scientific technology of Japan and to conduct exchange with universities and research institutions, the program seeks to act as a bridge for personnel and research exchange between Japan and the partner countries.

The first year of the program was fiscal 2014. During the three years since then, approximately 13,000 young people from 35 countries and regions (including ASEAN Member States) have visited Japan, deepening their relationships with various regions of our country through learning, research exchange and training. The young people who have visited Japan through the program are expected to contribute to the development of science and technology in Asia in the future, as well as to the further spread of international exchange and networking.

The following website introduces the contents and past exchange activities of the program. The website also introduces a framework for support of exchange activities through open application (joint application between Asian institutions and the receiving institution in Japan). Acceptance of applications for fiscal 2018 was started from January 29. We encourage any interested parties to view the website and contact JST.
Details of the SAKURA Science Plan
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